Christmas Gift Sponsorship Program

Since 2014, we have been coordinating a Christmas Gift Sponsorship Program to help the children in School District 303 receive gifts from wish lists that each family personally creates. We work directly with D303 social workers who identify families who may be experiencing any of the following factors that may impact the parents’ ability to provide gifts during the holiday season: 

  • Single parent
  • Illness or death in the immediate family
  • Loss of income or low-income
  • Homelessness
  • Home destroyed by fire
  • Other circumstances determined at the discretion of the social worker.

The parents provide the social workers with “wish lists” and are comprised of a few toy ideas as well as clothing and shoe sizes. Many of these lists include basic items like coats, warm clothing, winter boots and gloves.  Once Big Hearts of Fox Valley receive these wish lists, our little elves reach out to the community to help fulfill them either by purchasing gifts for an anonymous child, or by making a monetary donation.  When shopping for a child, we ask that you purchase at least 3 items from their wish list.  Since this, in many cases, will be the only gifts they receive you can expect to spend around $75 for each child. 

Our program is different from many other holiday assistance programs because the sponsor has the chance to feel a special connection with their “adopted” child as the sponsor receives a personalized wish list for the child.

We encourage individuals, families, neighborhoods, PTOs, businesses, teams, churches and other local organizations to partner with us to help us achieve our goal. We hope you will join us in our efforts to make the lives of the children around us a little brighter.

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Santa's Helper Volunteer Form 2022


Help Santa by shopping for gifts for local children this year.  We ask that our Santa's helpers purchase at least 3, but no more than 10, items off of each child's wish list and that you plan on spending at least  $75 per child.

PLEASE NOTE: If we have more shoppers than children needing help, you may be given less wish lists than you signed up for or we may suggest other ways to help.

Shopping for gifts for 10 or more children? Upload your logo for recognition

Businesses & groups shopping for gifts for 10 or more children can receive special recognition.  If interested, please upload a copy of your logo. If you'd rather do this at a later time, send your logo to

Parents and guardians in need…

If you are wondering how you will be able to provide Christmas gifts for your children because of financial difficulties you may be having, we may be able to help. This program is intended to provide Christmas gifts to children 18 and under living within the boundaries of School District 303.


  • You must have at least 1 child enrolled in School District 303.
  • You must be experiencing a financial hardship which makes buying Christmas gifts for your children difficult.
  • Children receiving gifts must be 18 and under living with you within the boundaries of D303.


You will be able to OPT IN to the program through your D303 school social worker in September 2022. If you have a child in elementary school, look for a flyer in your child’s backpack. If you have a child in middle or high school, the link will be in the online newsletter. Once you have filled out the form to OPT IN to the program, we will review applicants. If you are accepted into the program, a link to fill out a wish list for each of your children will be emailed to you.